Tuesday, April 24, 2012

17 gifts

1. the opportunity to attend the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing last week
2. sunlight falling on new-born leaves clinging for dear life to branches waving vigorously outside the window
3. getting to hear Ann Voskamp, live, carry a metaphor--this one, a seed
4. being reminded of the solid strengths of the Dutch immigrant community in West Michigan
5. hearing Marilynne Robinson talk about perception, John Calvin, Wallace Stevens, Gilead, writing, and Presence in the silence of the Idaho woodland where she grew up
6. listening to Henry Baron read from his book of prayers, Talking with God
7. an introduction to the poetry of Stanley Wiersma, in the opening address by Gary Schmidt
8. book-laden tables
9. cheerful green souvenir mug
10. time to spend in the College bookstore (picked up Dylan Thomas, recommended by Luci Shaw, in the Q&A part of her session on ambition with Jeanne Murray Walker)
11. well-managed coffee breaks
12. Mark Richard's honesty (House of Prayer No. 2)
13. Ruben Martinez reading from his work (in-progress?)
14. Baker Book House's extensive used book stacks
15. tulips in bloom
16. helpfulness of Calvin staff and students, in finding way to venues
17. Paul Willis's poem for tenth year anniversary of the attacks on 9/11/2001 (serving in his role as
Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara, CA)

and, running over, two more
18. meeting Luci Shaw, the poet, a very gracious woman
19. meeting Nancy Nordenson, online friend from Just Thinking


Lori said...

So glad you got to go! Sounds like you have quite a wonderful time. Have you read Gilead? I tried twice but never could get past the halfway mark for some reason.

Pilgrim said...

To be honest, I have tried to read it two or three times, and not gotten as far as you. However, Marilynne was so charming in her interview that I have taken it from the library once more. I am determined to finish this time.

Nancy said...


It was so great to meet you also. After all these years of knowing each other only online, what a joy to meet face to face!


Pilgrim said...

Thank you, Nancy. I have met so few bloggers face-to-face, it was great to find such a friendly one, when I did. I think you are only the second, though I have heard a couple speak.