Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thank you, Barbara Curtis

Barbara Curtis, mother of twelve children, passed away this afternoon, following a stroke a couple of days ago.

Barbara was the first blogger I read. We became acquainted by email, after meeting on a list for parents of children with Down syndrome. She was an encouragement to me, especially during the early years of motherhood.

She loved her family by marriage, blood, and adoption. She and her husband Tripp adopted three sons with Down syndrome after having Jonathan (born with it).  One of her last articles, A Little Extra, in part an appreciation of Jonny and his contribution to her life, was written in honor of Down Syndrome awareness month.

Barbara had a big heart.  She shared what she had with so many. May God comfort and provide for her family in this time of grief.

Thank you, Barbara.


Rebecca Stark said...

Such sad news.

Lori said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear that we will be praying for her family.

Pilgrim said...

Yes, so sad.